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Every single child in Fairfax County deserves to receive a world-class education.  We must invest in our educational system to ensure that we reduce overcrowding and decrease reliance on trailers, as well provide our children with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills necessary to excel in today’s global economy.  Linda has been endorsed by the Fairfax Education Association and Fairfax County Federation of Teachers.



Fairfax County, one of the worst counties in the nation for traffic congestion and commute times,  must  improve our transportation infrastructure and increase access to public transit.  In addition, all transportation planning must take into consideration future trends in mobility such as autonomous vehicles and ridesharing.  In part due to her views on the importance of mass transit, Linda has been endorsed by Greater Greater Washington.  


In order to maintain our ability to provide world-class services to our residents and ensure continued record low unemployment, Fairfax County must re-evaluate how we fund our county services.  We must not only continue to diversify our corporate tax base, but also research alternative funding options including increased public-private partnerships and promoting investment in the County by the numerous industry-leading companies headquartered here.

Fairfax County must provide more affordable housing for our workforce, young families and seniors, ensuring that it is truly a great place to "live, play and work".  A lack of affordable housing options not only makes it challenging for us to attract world-class employers who want to provide their employees with a good work-life balance, but also contributes to other regional issues such as traffic congestion, as workers are forced to increase their commute in order to live somewhere they can afford.


Fairfax County must be a leader when it comes to protecting the environment, not a follower.  Starting with a reduction of the use of fossil fuels in daily activities, we must implement initiatives that will not only help us improve the environment for future generations, but can also save the county money in the process through increased efficiencies.  Linda has been endorsed by the Sierra Club of Virginia and the Fairfax County League of Conservation Voters.